The subtle mysteries of connection through self, to another self, back to self. ⁣

Entanglement can also be a figure eight. ♾⁣

Entanglement can also be the root system from the tree of life. 🌳⁣

Entanglement can also be kundalini serpents spiraling up your spine stimulating euphoric sensations through your shoulder blades up to your crown. 🐍🐍⁣

Entanglement can also be sacred if sovereignty is held as the ceremony.⁣

This human experience is about being lost and then being found because one couldn’t experience grace without it. Humans hold onto being found so tightly that they often block themselves from the opportunity of being lost. In these times of great transition, many of you feel lost or are on the brink of feeling lost. Allow yourself to feel lost and let grace guide you into being found. ⁣