Expand into your

Align with the deepest part of your core & become the -powered leader you truly are.


into your

Align with the deepest part of your core & become the -powered leader you truly are.

Welcome! I’m Brenden Durell, but you can call me Bam. It’s a pleasure to e-meet you.

This is my home where growth is synonymous with pleasure.

Pleasure through pain, shame, guilt and the inevitable transformation of who you are now and are becoming.

Similar to you I grew up in a culture where FEAR and expectations usually influences decisions on how to live life, completely overshadowing the power of love and courage to do something different.

 Let me make this clear, I’m all about the taboo and shining your unique light, unapologetically.

 My mission is to inspire you towards sustainable peace, sustainable power and sustainable pleasure. Drawing from the wisdom of influential indigenous teachers, leaders in personal development, and business experts, I’ve been blessed with invaluable knowledge that has shaped the way I see life.

I always say, “being human is THE spiritual experience.” You don’t have to be anything other than who you already are. Love is the secret sauce to personal growth and expansion.

I’m a lifelong student of Tantra and Intimacy. I am trained in Inner Guidance Somatic Healing and have thousands of hours mentoring people from all around the world. I am also a recurring relationship coach on the popular Netflix show “Too Hot To Handle” supporting the cast members to connect with their partners in more ways than just sex. The show has received hundreds of millions of views over 5 seasons

Make yourself at home as you browse my website. If you have any questions email my team at [email protected]


What I do & Why I do it

I’m passionate about intimacy and relating with life and all of its ups and downs. I dive deeply into sacred sexuality, men’s mental and emotional health and living a lifestyle that is able to hold all of your dreams and desires.

Only from the heart can
you touch the sky


What I offer you

I am a leader who specializes in Sacred Masculinity and Sexual Energy Mastery

Retreats, Workshops & Cacao Guide

I offer retreats, workshops, cacao and breathwork experiences. I am also available for bookings to offer immersive activities and deliver engaging talks and experiences at retreats, seminars, festivals and workshops organized by you or others.

Book Me for Your Event, Workshops and Retreats.

Peace, Power and Pleasure is your Natural state


Are you looking for a unique way to inspire transformation at your upcoming event, workshop or retreat?

I am thrilled to offer my expertise as a dynamic speaker and facilitator. With a wealth of knowledge and a deep commitment to empowering individuals, I deliver engaging workshops and transformative talks that leave a lasting impact.

As a seasoned speaker,

I have had the privilege of sharing my insights and experiences with diverse audiences, ranging from intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences. My experiences are infused with authenticity, wisdom, and practical guidance, resonating with people from all walks of life. Whether you’re seeking to create a shift in mindset, enhance personal growth, foster team dynamics, or explore the realms of spirituality, sacred sexuality, self-mastery, I bring a unique blend of knowledge, passion, and engaging storytelling to every engagement. As a former professional athlete getting the crowd going is a hobby of mine.

To inquire about booking me for your event or workshop, please reach out using the contact information provided below. Let’s collaborate to create an unforgettable experience that will inspire, motivate, and empower your community to leave your experience feeling renewed.


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