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*This is my last time ever leading this cacao program live with me there every week*


7 weeks of a safe heart-opening cacao experience  ❤️

NECTAR OF THE GODS is for you if:

You want to be introduced or want to deepen your connection with the spirit of cacao

Learn about Cacao and how to work with the plant medicine in integrity

Face off with yourself and build intimacy with your shadow

Release any shame, guilt and heavy emotions you’ve been carrying

Create a personal ritual for yourself to have in your daily life

Do something out of your comfort zone to become more comfortable

Oh yeah, this is the LAST LIVE experience, so I have some goodies set up for you…

  • 1 block ceremonial grade cacao from a women’s collective I have personally built a relationship with for several years
  • Weekly Meditations + Powerful Breathwork Sessions
  • Live group ceremonies + Q&A’s + worksheets
  • Private community OFF of social media. You’ll LOVE it!

Apply for the LAST LIVE Nectar program

NOTE: If you can’t make it live you’ll have access to recordings for 2 weeks after the program is completed

  • *TAKE ACTION right away as my team needs a few weeks to get you the cacao
  • *This is an international experience so all time zones are welcomed.
  • *This experience is for anyone who identifies as women, men and non-binary
  • *If you are ASL we can figure out a way for your needs to be met as well