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My Story

My name is Brenden, and I was the kid who dreamed of being an astronaut or some epic adventurer like Indiana Jones, scaling ancient pyramids and living to tell about it. Although my life hasn’t turned out exactly that way, I’ve created a life where my biggest adventure has been exploring the depths of my heart.

The deeper I go, the smaller I feel; and the smaller I feel, the bigger I love. I can share countless inspiring stories from my past as a professional athlete, traveling to over 40 countries or teaching physical education in Africa. I’ll share some of those another time.

The story I care most about is your story, the one that led you here, reading this. I believe the universe makes ZERO mistakes, and it’s no mistake you’re here. My mission, my passion, and this life’s work is to inspire you to constantly remember that you are the author of your life. No buts, ands, ifs, or regrets. You ARE it. If you have trouble remembering, come follow my journey.

“Life begins where fear ends.”


My Childhood

I was always an eclectic child of many worlds, worlds where I excelled in sports and others where I made homemade Egyptian papyrus out of old holiday and birthday cards and pretended to read and write hieroglyphs. Like many of you reading this, I, too, was built for the world that was not yet built back then. We are the same kids in grownup bodies building it now, together.

How I became a Mentor, Speaker & Cacao Ceremonialist

I’ve always been a leader, from grade school to sports, someone who people always came to for inspiration and a safe energy to talk to. It was a divinely smooth transition into this world of intentional transformation. I began playing with ceremonial cacao many years ago, and it took my love for chocolate and my love for ancient Meso-American civilizations to a whole new level! Pure Cacao is the ultimate heart expander.

My work/purpose in images

I am a dedicated student of life and deeply committed to lifelong curiosity and peace for myself and others.