Embody sustainable peace &
live as the heart-centered leader you already are.

Panthera Sol Cacao presents:


It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or experienced with cacao. This 7 week experience will add value and sustainable peace to your life.

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7 Weeks with Sacred Cacao

NECTAR OF THE GODS is for you if:

  • You want to learn about this superfood used by ancient civilizations for over 5,000 years before it became known as chocolate or cocoa.
  • Desire to create a powerful personal practice for yourself.
  • Want to learn how to lead others through a safe and intentional ceremony with reverence to the ancestors.
  • Reap the benefits of adding this organic superfood to your diet. (Aphrodisiac)
  • Experience Cacao magic with amazing people around the world.
  • Be in a safe space to do your inner work.
  • Heal, expand and nurture your heart with grace.
  • Add another growth tool to your journey.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention:

with this unique experience I have some goodies set up for you:
  • 1 Block of Guatemayan Ceremonial Grade Cacao
  • Meditations + Breathwork Sessions
  • Self-Cultivation Practices
  • Introspection Tools
  • Live Group Ceremonies
  • Lifetime access to the private community

This unique experience is valued at $1,250. Right now and NOW only it’s $597.

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Live Opening Ceremony









Sacred Fire Synergy™ is a group program built especially for men. This 8-week journey bridges Sacred Masculinity and Sacred Sexuality.

This program is designed to assist you in creating a positive and embodied relationship with your sexual energy. Sexual energy has long been revered as taboo in western culture when in fact we have over 7.5 billion people on this planet, and every single person is a result of sexual energy.

That’s not taboo—that’s a life-giving, life-offering opportunity. This “life force energy,” when held in a sacred masculine foundation, is the space where you create your KINGDOM and live in your PURPOSE.

8 Weeks of Transformation

In SACRED FIRE SYNERGY™️ you will learn:

  • Sexual Energy Mastery
  • Sacred Masculine Archetypes
  • Tantric Principles for Intimacy
  • How to use your sexual energy for vitality & creativity
  • How to turn masturbation into a self honoring ritual
  • Why pornography is stealing your life force
  • Unshakeable confidence
  • Deeper self love & appreciation
  • Fine tuned leadership skills
And most importantly, you’ll be in a safe space with men from around the world experiencing brotherhood in its purest form, diversity, accountability, motivation and inspiration.