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It is my honor to be a founding father of Conscious Man Brotherhood (C.M.B) and support Preston Smiles as Lead Coach & Community Manager delivering MAN CAVE to men who are ready to walk the path of their most fulfilled life.

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This journey takes you through a archetypal rites of passage process where we look at ourselves deeply, examining how we live, how we think, and what patterns and social conditioning have been running our lives, so that you have the ability undo the patterns that simply do not work and no longer serves you.

This is a program where everyone will rise together, where as a brotherhood we’ll all be looking to see what we can GIVE the world before what we can GET from the world.

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey this brotherhood will provide you with the tools and mirror needed for you to elevate your life.  Use code BAMCAVE150 for a discount


Join The Pack Brotherhood, a free facebook group and a virtual brotherhood where we explore what it means to be a conscious man, expand our minds, and elevate each other so everyone is winning in life.