For Women

Embody peace, power & pleasure and make love to your life.

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What I offer you

I am a leader who specializes in Sacred Masculinity & Sexual Energy Mastery. 

For Women

I provide a safe space where you’ll explore your sacred masculine within. Solid structure, FIRM boundaries, and clarity from within is what you’ll create with my guidance. and create. Together we’ll bring your inner masculine and feminine polarities together in harmony. You’ll understand the men in your life deeply by being intimate with your own inner masculine. This is your invitation to be led by a safe masculine 1on1.

Only SERIOUS inquiries.
1:1 coaching packages start at 6k.

1on1 Mentoring

This is for anyone who is ALL IN. This offering requires a deep commitment, dedication to yourself and your desires, no matter what it takes. This HIGH LEVEL of accountability gives you daily support to ensure your new foundations, boundaries are being implemented in your new way of living life.

3 Months

Are you ALL IN for 3 months?
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6 Months

Are you ALL IN for 6 months?
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Only COMMITTED inquiries.
1:1 mentoring packages start at 3k.

Women who’ve worked with Brenden: