Upcoming Events

Brotherhood of Man - Tuscany, Italy September 11th-15th

This 5-day experience is a calling to all Brothers who are ready to step into the most sacred and powerful parts of their lives. Brenden will work through the homecoming of men’s circles, the powerful unravelling of Breathwork and the exploration of the archetypes and guide you to rediscovering and embodying the true essence of what Being Man present day looks like.

Working to illuminate and shed the shackles of our cultural past and move into the healing, loving space of our hearts, Brothers support each other as they open to their own inner depths and find their way back into sovereignty. The Brotherhood of Man experience is founded on purpose, personal power, integrity, compassion, and love.

What is Included:

5 nights in a remote Italian finca (both private and shared rooms available)

Homegrown organic vegan or vegetarian meals


Men’s Circles

Nature Immersions

Shadow work

Tuscany Community Engagement

Investment: $888 (only 9 more spots available)