Traditional energy healing methods provided me with profound outlets for growth in my journey. It blessed me with insights and deep relief that inspired me to not only receive healing but live the healing.

I am deeply honored to have a background with lineages of great healing power such as Usui Reiki, Inner Guidance, Shamanic Meditation, Breathwork, and Tibetan Sound Healing.

I am honored to integrate aspects of these lineages that have greatly impacted my life.

My energetic healing sessions can be received in person and in distance. 

Receive an energy healing wherever you are in the world right now.

Healing begins with an intention. You're able to absorb the distance healing by setting an intention with allowing, trusting, and receiving for your highest healing and growth potential. This is when the real healing begins.

Benefits of Energy Healing Sessions

In person and distance healing sessions support:

  • Deep relaxation which supports the physical body's innate natural healing ability.

  • Deep and restful sleep.

  • Emotional cleansing and spiritual growth.

  • Restoring harmony and balance. (Chakra Balancing)

  • Balancing the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Reducing stress, depression, and healing anxiety.

  • Clarity in self, in vision, in life purpose.

  • Healing joint mobility blockages and inflammation (Reiki) 

Group Healings

I regularly travel to facilitate group healings to teams, groups, and individuals world-wide. Contact me for my availability to support your next session, workshop, event or retreat.