Cacao (pronounced cah-cow) has a beautiful history that is nothing less than magic. It was a staple in ancient South American tribes with the Mayans and Aztecs being the most well known users of this sacred plant medicine.

Ceremonial Grade vs. Chocolate from Stores

  • Store bought candy bars and powders are highly processed. Regardless of the possible “organic or raw” labeling it has still been stripped of mother earth’s physical and energetic nutrients.

  • Cacao paste (ceremonial grade) is fermented and lightly roasting or sun drying the beans, followed by peeling the husks by hand then stone ground into a paste where it solidifies into a block. Absolutely nothing added or subtracted from the sacred food.

  • Our ancestors would drink it in this natural raw bitter form which is referred to as “The food of the Gods.”

Cacao comes with a beautiful energy that supports the heart space and is known to enhance creativity. It expands your capacity to love. Whether it being self love, giving love, receiving love this nectar supports unconditional transformation through unconditional love. Cacao supports your energetic vibration that aligns with the earth's natural circadian rhythm.

Whether in person or virtually I support artists, musicians, yogis, coaches, athletes, corporates and the everyday person in wholeness through this sacred practice.

I am blessed to have access to an amazing cacao provider that sources from a women’s collective on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Every purchase supports the hands, environment, time invested, and love that ends up in your cup. USE CODE BAMCACAO?ref=116 when placing orders.