Breathwork is a trending umbrella term that is spreading rapidly throughout the self-help realm. It’s a very potent and very powerful introspective tool that is used to improve mental, physical and spiritual health.

It’s a blend of eastern practices such as Tai Chi and Yoga infused with western psychotherapy tools beginning around the 1960’s. Breathwork offers a sense of well-being that interlinks mind, body and spirit for optimal brain and heart coherence.

The breathwork I facilitate works both the sympathetic & parasympathetic parts of the Autonomic Nervous System. It’s both a deep dive and a calm meditative experience.

1:1 Virtual Breathwork sessions help you move stuck energy through your physical body:

1 x 50 min Session: $100 USD

3 x 50 min Session Package: $270 USD

5 x 50 min Session Package: $397 USD

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